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O’Baby BBQ, based in the small town of Dawson, Georgia, was founded in 2013 by Travis and Kristen Sawyer. Travis has been making sauce for years for family and friends, but it wasn’t until Kristen came into the picture that the sauce would be complete. Kristen’s eye for graphic design complimented Travis’ love of bbq perfectly, and the O’Baby BBQ team was created.

O'Baby began when a couple of friends decided to open a restaurant in Boston, Georgia. We gave them some samples of sauce to try, and they have been buying it by the gallon ever since. Customers at the restaurant requested bottles of the sauce, so the owner approached us about bottling it. After careful consideration, planning, and a lot of praying, we decided that we would pursue this new adventure.

We want our sauce to be different. The labeling… The packaging… but most importantly, the taste. O’Baby is not your typical sauce. It is a gourmet sauce and we will never compromise on quality. We will never be the cheapest sauce you find at a grocery store, but our goal isn’t to be the cheapest… it’s to be THE BEST.

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